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In many cases, having an innocent or good appearance can be a great trait to have for an up-and-coming leader. Though it is scary for them, shy people can become effective public speakers and leaders for this reason. Being shy teaches us from an early age how to overcome barriers. In fact, even as a lawyer in his early 30s, he was so shy that he could barely speak in front of a judge.

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Generally people not paying for a service are not going to take it as serious.In many situations in life, it is better to be the innocent or good person, rather than the outgoing and dominant person.Socially, people may respect you more than the aggressive and dominant individual, which leads to them having a stronger trust in you. In comparison to people who are aggressive and outgoing who may be viewed as more self-serving, shy people, because of the “good guy” impression they make on others, are more trusted and believable.It is a highly powerful tool that will also make you much happier.More to the point though, the reason that a lot of people want to look approachable is that it can greatly help your romantic life.Sometimes, thinking things through for a few days and considering them from multiple different angles is in fact the best route. While being meek is not necessarily praised in Western society, it can be a social strength. Other people will notice that you do not say a whole heck of a lot, and very often they choose to view shy people as simply being more calm. Shy people appear to be vulnerable and easily taken advantage of by others, which can be the case in work environments that reward the most aggressive competitors.