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Updating reverse lookup zones

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In Part 1 we’ve had a chance to explore the zones that got created when Active Directory was setup, so let’s take a look at creating our own zones.Now there’s several reasons you may need your own zones.

In order to set IPv6 to use DHCP instead of pointing to local loopback (::1), we have to use the . Well, your dns resolving doesn’t return true unless we do this as it ‘catches’ the IPv6 before it gets to IPv4, so unless you specify your IPv6 you need to set this to DHCP.This must either be the domain controller or the server that communicates with the DHCP server.In old post, we already talked about the steps to install DNS server in Windows Server 2012 r2.One example would be you have namespaces that have nothing to do with Active Directory and you want to be able to do name resolution for them, like with web servers, sharepoint apps etc. I will configure it on my DC01 (which is domain controller and DNS is integrated) Right-Click on Forward Lookup Zones and select New Zone Welcome to the New Zone Wizard will pop-up, Click Next Zone Type page, The first question that we have to answer is what kind of zone do we want and this is a very important question.I will create Primary Zone (When you create primary zone it will be the read/writable copy , which means I can add and delete records from it.) I also want to store this zone in AD.I shouldn't need to go back but I need to plan for this if I do.