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Throughout his career, the 37-year-old has been linked to many famous women (most way younger than him), and one in particular that no one will ever forget — is it bad we are still hoping that Wilmer and Demi get back together?

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Web: My link Subject: 2012 Levon Tribute Dunno if I posted this before, but I saw it again just now.

It's Simone Felice in Dublin, a few days after Levon died, and has a wonderful tribute before he goes into his own Radio Song.

OFF TOPIC: is anyone watching that wonderful series "Escape to the Chateau" that follows Corrie on Wednesdays? Sally Webster's hilarious Political Campaign video - [] It is so bad, that it's cringe-worthy. The poor kitty was scared, of course it was, and the poor kid obviously wasn't having an easy time of it. Absolutely right Gail - those 2 businesses are constantly in competition with eachother, and so true!

Sorry, but the last time I checked, Summer's grandmother was her guardian now it's Billy & Todd.

Subject: Digit of The Man in Black If someone is posting spam, Johnny Cash's finger is the perfect reply.

If regular people want to post sensible links then Jan provides a key. As it goes, I've been listening to Johnny Cash "The Legend" all day today.

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A photo of him with bandmates graced a CHUM chart of the time. If you have problems reading this page, see the answers to frequently asked questions about the guestbook. Of course Seals & Crofts were not in the original Champs that recorded Tequila; as you know Bill. " He did well with chord charts, though, did some great guitar solos and was fantastic on the record dates." is a quote from that article on Campbell.... so many sessions, you go in with charts and the melody and inherent melody & groove of the song. and in many cases not many people ever hear of them. Location: Tronto John D: I recall you being chums with Seals and Crofts back in the '70s.You can add your own comments by signing the guestbook. If you are looking for previous entries or posters, try searching the guestbook archives. The players feel their parts & the's a band, well, it's a band, but if it;s not, the songwriter/producer, or the songwriter or the producer, or both of em, are choosing players for their ability to feel every aspect of the song- through the changes and lyrics and the form ( and may have to guide em but usually not)........ Were they still in the Champs when Glen Campbell passed through?Maybe he should have used a sports bag, dropped the cat in it, and voila! I'm sure the cat is just fine and hopefully back to its owner We'll have to agree to disagree. Handling an animal in any situation, including when they're distressed, requires care. The cat was just trying to defend itself, but he wasn't getting hurt by being carried off the field.I get you are obviously a cat-lover, and I like them too, but really if cats can survive 10 story falls, which they have, I'm sure that little feline is just fine.Unsupported, head dangling and flopping while he was running.