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The group sang DNCE's "Cake By the Ocean," Jonas' "Close," Lovato's "Heart Attack" and many, many more hits.

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These guys are looking for girls with pale skin and fire engine red lipstick. It’s all about appearances with these idiots, so if you look the part, congratulations, you get to date Mr. Potential work-out buddies, swapping the latest squats moves, sharing kale smoothies, and then fuck each others brains out. Occupation: Student at U of THobbies: Going to the Maddy or the Brunswick house, nursing hangovers at Futures, frat parties, cat calling, pulling all nighters at that massive u of t library Looking For: A cute girl.

Looking for a girl who is down to party as hard as they can even on a school night.

Age of Eligible Bachelors: 18-30Occupation: Let’s be real, do hipsters really work? Someone to explore the city with and then get white girl wasted on Friday nights.

Hobbies: Being fucking cool, hanging out in places I don’t know exist yet because they are so on it, one upping each other on the best croissant places, name dropping, drinking obnoxious cocktails Looking For: Someone who is just as cool. A girl who is good at talking you out of brawling with guys at the bar who look at you the wrong way.

ANDRE: I just loved this fantasy world that each scene went to. I would just say that it’s a classic sitcom on LSD. How would you say your character fits into that world. Like this one time Jay doesn’t want to break up with this girl and I’m like, “Just fake your own death, bro”.

I thought it was like the best of sketch comedy and narrative sitcom combined. Simon is a brilliant writer, Jon Krisel is a brilliant director, I love all his stuff on Portlandia, and Andrew Singer as well, all their stuff on and the SNL digital stuff, all his stuff on Tim and Eric.

A simple issue is represented by an extreme exemplification of itself in that every aspect of social awkwardness is transformed into a seemingly real horror show.

He talked about why he was attracted to the project, working with Jay Baruchel, the craziest thing he saw on set, what he’s most excited for audiences to see, and more. Before getting to the interview, watch the trailer: Talk about how you became a part of Man Seeking Woman. The show has a lot of good qualities going for it, what was the main one that appealed to you? [Laughs] But other than that I’m always pouring fuel on the flames and making Jay’s situation much worse, but thinking that I’m making it better.

Its more than 7,000 Toronto users — who spend or are paid an average of 4 on first dates, according to site data — would argue it’s about companionship.

“I’m not selling myself in any way,” says 25-year-old Jessica, wearing a lacey corset and leather pants, all black, with red lipstick.

And Jay is obviously an amazing comedic actor so just the core creative team was there. Is it fun for you to play the more outlandish scenes that are kind of unique to this show? Any of those you’ve done so far that you can’t wait for people to see? It’s interesting too, because as ridiculous as these things get you’re all playing them really straight. Does that get difficult in these settings not to sort of wink about it or do any mugging? However you would explain it to your friends or something.

ANDRE: Yeah, there’s this whole speech I give about why Jay should – we’re in a war room, it’s like a scene from – and I give this whole General Patton type speech on why Jay should send some random girl a dick pic [laughs]. ANDRE: Yeah, for me, because I suck at acting [laughs], and I’m just like, “Hehehe this is funny! He’s going to be thrilled when that hits the airways. ANDRE: Um, it’s kind of like a classic dating show meets Walter Mitty.